Real investments

Our Strategy

The main strategy of the company is to increase investment portfolio, while raising the reliability and liquidity of assets by expanding the customer base. The second important direction is to decrease business expenses, by changing the structure of liabilities with a view to cheapening them.

At the same time, the careful selection of customers is a key factor in the sustainability and development of the enterprise

Priority direction for investments

Real estate
Light industry

About the company

Limited Liability Company “SARRIO INVESTMENTS LTD” has worked in the financial market since 2004.The main activity of the company - Investing in main partner projects for capital gains and obtaining investment income from investments,  share liabilities. The company’s activities are provided by its own funds generated from the business activities of the company.

Contact US

Adress: Vasilissis Freiderikis, 33, P.C. 1065, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel.:+357 (97) 85-75-69